ENTRI – is a non-profit association, based in Vilnius, Lithuania. ENTRI's mission is to develop and promote entrepreneurship skills across all age and social groups to enable continuous and sustainable development for the better future. Organization emphasizes importance of entrepreneurship as the main factor catalysing innovation and creation of a better environment for economic, social and civic inclusion of society. Since 2012, ENTRI has implemented multiple projects supporting businesses and entrepreneurs and represented their interests before local and national authorities. ENTRI’s activities engage the most vulnerable society groups as youth, NEETS, migrants, women and elderly.
CONNECTUS is an organisation based in Athens, Greece aiming to provide services that support the private as well as the public sector in the fields of: digital solutions for education, web-platforms development, upskilling training, project branding and communication strategy. CONNECTUS team aims to develop tailor-made support mechanisms to actors in Greece that support the skills of the local population, social and economic integration processes of different target groups to local communities as well as support the current challenges and needs in the are of digital transition. Our mission is to support the link between the EU’s strategy into a better Europe for the citizen and the local actors in Greece in their path towards continuous improvement and strategy development.
The Square Dot team is an organization based in Leuven, Belgium, specializing in the policy fields of social inclusion, migration, entrepreneurship, VET and skills development. In this context, TSDT aim to develop research and provide policy advice with the view to enrich public policy with tailor-made, innovative and socially responsible solutions in the following areas: School support & curriculum design, trainings and capacity building, policy research, EU funding Advice, career coaching & Business Mentoring. The services cater to individuals and young people who want to design a better career path or achieve independence, as well as organisations aiming to maintain high-performance and explore EU funding opportunities. Additionally, TSDT provides entrepreneurship trainings tailored made to the needs of the different target groups.
Exeo Lab is a multivalent, flexible young company that envisions a sustainability-driven society. Exeo Lab is working to demonstrate that local development is the key to attracting projects, skills, opportunities and networks for community growth. Exeo Lab is a partnership of policy specialists, whose founding members have more than a decade of actual experience in consulting services to public and private entities. Its field of expertise lies with research and territorial analysis through innovative tools and technologies, in order to support policy design for public administration at the national and regional level and especially in the innovative and emerging sectors. Also, Exeo Lab provides SMEs and innovative startups with advanced assistance in the field of business development, investment strategies, technology transfer and R&S.
The International Institute for the Implementation of Sustainable Development (MIITR) is a private NGO, established in 2017 in Maribor, Slovenia. Its main activity is research and development in the fields of sustainability, comprehending environmental, economic, social, and lately smart and digital dimensions. MIITR personnel has a high level of expertise on project development, analysis, evaluation and dissemination. The institute is actively involved in various EU projects and in globally significant networks and initiatives for creating an active and sustainable society.
ASBL founded in Brussels on 1 Feb 2020. The aim and objectives are : - To create initiatives whose aim is to promote the development of the notion of "European" in the different cultures. - The association proposes, among other things, to contribute to the creation of a European identity and culture in young people. -the association "PROJECTS FOR EUROPE", with its own organizations, proposes as an entity to promote and valorize European artistic and cultural resources with a particular attention to young and emerging artists through the broadcasting, diffusion of news, studies and deepening in the field of secondary artistic heritage, abandoned or little considered by the institutions.