GREEN-UP Outputs

GREEN-UP covers the priority of promoting entrepreneurship, including social entrepreneurship among young people by creating outcomes which educate young people about the mechanics and possibilities of green entrepreneurship as a career choice. Knowledge and understanding the EU Green Deal, which is currently one of Europe's most important strategic documents, but poorly presented in formal education, will give young people an insight into new opportunities to create businesses, related to Green Deal and Circular Economy (CE).

Output 1 - Analysis of youth competences and green business eco-systems

The report is an in-depth analysis of youth competences and green business eco-system related to the Green Deal and the CE. 250 young people answered to the first interview. The work is completed by the analysis of each partner national eco-system, including the main obstacles, support, good practices in education and business success stories.
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Output 2 - GREEN-UP e-platform

GREEN-UP e-platform enables participants to engage in a unique process where they are not only passive learners but also contribute significantly to the development of new concepts, insights and recommendations of the project.
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Output 3 - Digital micro-training modules boosting entrepreneurship

Different educational and learning materials based on the man features of the EU Green Deal.
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