• Innovative Learning Experiences with GREEN-UP: Flipped Learning and Peer to Peer

    The GREEN-UP project stands out for its implementation of innovative learning methodologies, particularly through the flipped and peer-to-peer methods. In the pilot phase of the project, two types of training were conducted, each aimed at actively engaging young participants and promoting the growth of their entrepreneurial skills in the realms…

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  • From State-of-the-Art Research to Entrepreneurship: Unveiling the Green potential of the Youth

    In recent years, the world has witnessed an increasing concern for environmental sustainability and a pressing need for innovative solutions to combat climate change. As the younger generations grow up in a world grappling with these challenges, they are emerging as a driving force in green entrepreneurship. However, on their…

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  • First project meeting

    On January 12th partners met in Vilnius to attend the first project meeting. Partners used such opportunity to strenghten their collaboration and to start the first project activities by defining the initial questionnaire and planning the main project milestones.

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